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A collection of women's wear spring-summer 2017 Sandro Ferrone


The iconic italian brand of "fast fashion» - "Sandro Ferrone" - appeared in 1958. Its founder - Ferron Alessandro (Alessandro Ferrone) with three apprentices started sewing dresses in 15 days. With its beautiful color and actual cut dresses from Sandro had known in Rome that allowed in 2 years the designer to open his own shop. By the early 80's "Sandro Ferrone" chain stores scattered throughout southern Italy and in producing the fashion house has produced tens of thousands of units per year. Instead of the traditional scheme - release of two seasonal collections per year - "Sandro Ferron" uses the idea of ​​"living collections", releasing only the most popular buyers at the moment the model. Company "Sandro Ferrone" also produces clothes line called Sweet Size, established in 2003 and produces fashionable and elegant clothes for women size from 46th. This way, the desire of "Sandro Ferrone" to produce actual clothes  that meets the needs and capabilities of women - making the brand popular and favorite for nearly fifty years.


Claudia Gerini per SANDRO FERRONE. Campagna Spring Summer 2017. Scopri la nuova collezione in tutti i nostri store

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